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About Me
I have been interested and involved in the arts, primarily in music, throughout most of my life as a singer and an actor. Arts are not merely a luxury to me, they are a necessity . . . and I try to involve myself in a variety of artistic pursuits as much as time will allow. I've had a love affair with photography since high school, and I have been a passionate photo junkie all my life. I decided to turn that passion into a career.

My style is both traditional and photojournalistic in nature, lending my portrait, architecture and travel photography an added dimension of character. I look for the “interesting” moment in every shot I take. 

Recently, several of  my photographs were featured on the TLC Network television program 'WEDDING DAY MAKEOVER'. The world renowned photographer, George Seper, founder of the Photography Institute in San Francisco (where I have studied photography) commented on my work saying “(Dans') work is very good and consistent. He has a good eye for composition, light and form”. Hopefully, after you take a look here, you will agree with him!

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